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The Workers Compensation Attorneys at Kooi have learned an Indiana company is facing a $3600 fine due to a work-related injury that resulted in an employee dying. The fine was levied by the Indiana Department of Labor against Tiller Sanitation. The deadly incident happened on Labor Day of last year. Workplace injuries and deaths are often connected to Work Comp issues.

As for this workplace death, it apparently happened when two males, 17 year old Stephen Tiller and 19 year old Michael Scott fell off the front of a garbage truck that loaded from the front side. Tiller ended up under the vehicle and died. Scott was thrown to the side and was injured. Delaware County’s coroner said the two should not have been on the front of the vehicle.

Tiller Sanitation was fined $1500 for not reporting a worker’s fatality to the nearest United States Department of Labor’s OSHA office. The company was fined an additional $2100 for not giving its workers an operating manual for the truck and not teaching them how to properly adhere to the operating manual. That booklet details how sanitation employees are not to ride outside the truck on a ledge that’s in the front part of the vehicle.

In Indiana and in states throughout the country, employers have specific Work Comp rules and laws to follow to help ensure worker safety. Recording work-related deaths and injuries can help Indiana’s Department of Labor make the workplace safer by identifying problem areas.

The Indiana Worker’s Compensation Lawyers are very familiar with the specific steps an injured worker should take immediately following the incident. Sticking to these steps can greatly help an injured employee receive the Work Comp benefits he or she deserves. Plus, these steps should be taken no matter how small you might think your injury is. First, you should immediately report your injury to your supervisor or manager and ask them to complete a formal accident report. You should receive a copy of this report from your supervisor or employer. If you require formal medical attention, you should follow all directions of the provider and your employer. That includes going to all appointments and examinations scheduled and following all restrictions. If you will need to miss more than 7 days of work due to your workplace injury, you should contact an attorney for a consultation concerning your temporary total disability rights.

The experienced Indiana Work Comp Lawyers can explain your Temporary Total Disability Rights and offer solid advice. If you or someone you love was hurt while on the job, contact the Indianapolis Workers Compensation Attorneys at Kooi for a FREE consultation.

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