Indiana Legislature Set To Hear Proposal On Smoking Ban

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Indiana Legislature Set To Hear Proposal On Smoking Ban

Posted By Crossen Kooi || 1-Feb-2009

Indiana Legislatures have proposed to hear public comments on a suggested new bill that would ban smoking in all work environments throughout the State. Supporters of the new law point to dozens of other states that have already enacted similar laws to this one. They also point to numerous studies that show that the total cost of health care and loss of life attributable to second hand smoke is around $390 million. Opponents, however, note liberty infringement and say a complete smoking ban is overreaching on the part of the legislature.

Neighboring states like Ohio and Illinois already have a version of the smoking ban on their books. In fact, Illinois bans smoking in all buildings open to the public. Their version of the law includes workplaces, bars, restaurants, and even casinos.

Indiana lawmakers are set to hear more about this bill Wednesday morning and have another meeting scheduled the following week. The bill will ultimately have to get through the House of Representatives to find passage.


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