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What to Do after a Slip-and-Fall Accident in Indianapolis

Are you suffering after a slip-and-fall injury that has damaged your way of life? Was your accident the result of a property owner’s negligence, and now you’re paying the price for their actions or inactions? If you answered yes, then the next steps you take will determine whether you have a chance of receiving compensation for your damages.

For example, informing the property owner, seeking medical attention, keeping records, and reaching out to a slip-and-fall lawyer should be your goals immediately after experiencing a slip-and-fall accident. The following are details about why it’s a good idea to make these choices after your Indianapolis accident.

Inform the Property Owner

Assuming you’re not in critical condition, one of your first actions after experiencing a slip-and-fall accident should be informing the property owner of your injury. The property owner is liable for your damages if they failed to provide a safe area. For example, having wet floors without any signs warning of the wet area could make the property owner liable if you slip and fall.

To reduce any chances of the property owner denying knowing about your slip-and-fall accident, you must inform them about your injury as soon as possible after your accident.

Seek Medical Attention in Indy

Another crucial step following your slip-and-fall accident is seeking medical attention following your accident. Even if you’re not experiencing too much pain, some injuries take days or weeks to have an impact on you.

Having a medical evaluation removes any doubts during your slip-and-fall accident claim that your injuries were the result of something else. The sooner you obtain medical attention, the better.

Gather Evidence of Your Damages

Make sure you keep a detailed record of your damages. Medical bills, photos of your injuries, lost wages, and anything you’ve lost because of your slip-and-fall accident should be noted. The better your records, the stronger your slip-and-fall accident claim will be.

Never discard any information that may prove how much you’ve suffered as a result of your slip-and-fall accident. Having a detailed account of your damages increases the potential amount of compensation you may earn in your Indianapolis slip-and-fall injury claim.

Speak with an Indianapolis Slip-And-Fall Lawyer

The final step to take after experiencing a slip-and-fall accident is speaking with an Indianapolis slip-and-fall lawyer. Kooi Law features slip-and-fall attorneys who will help you organize and proceed with your slip-and-fall claim.

By calling 317-569-1335, you can talk with an experienced injury lawyer who wants to help you with your claim. You can also fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page to reach our office.

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