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Can I Choose My Own Work Comp Doctor in Indiana?

When you get injured in a traumatic accident at work, you’re protected under your company’s workers compensation insurance. In order for this insurance to cover your medical expenses and possible loss of income from being out of work, you’ll need to see a doctor immediately after getting injured. However, in the state of Indiana, there are policies as to which doctors you’re allowed to see.

At Kooi Law, our attorneys are experienced in handling workers comp cases and we can do our best to ensure your case is handled with the utmost care. It’s not always easy to get your employer, your employer’s insurance company, and your doctor to understand the pain and suffering you’ve experienced. With our help, we can ensure you’re compensated for your injuries.

Your Employer Chooses

Unfortunately, in the state of Indiana, your employer and your employer’s insurance must choose the doctor that you visit for your work-related injury. This can be a disadvantage for you as an injured worker because in many cases, the doctors that employers choose have developed a relationship with the insurance companies.

These doctors may stick to more conservative treatment options in order to keep costs low for insurance companies rather than keeping the employee’s best interests in mind.

Getting a Second Opinion

Although your employer directs your initial medical care, you always have the right to get a second opinion. Although going to a second doctor may cost you some money on the front end, this second opinion can help support your case if you choose to dispute your workers compensation claim amount.

Consult an Indianapolis Workers Comp Attorney

Getting injured at work can be physically and emotionally straining, and trying to obtain workers compensation benefits shouldn’t be an additional frustration. At Kooi Law, we want to make the claims process easier on you.

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