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Can I Get a New Job While on Indiana Work Comp?

When you’re injured at work, you should have the peace of mind, at least, that you don’t have to worry about your job being at risk. You may be secure in your position, and you’ll fortunately be able to simply continue your work as usual once you’ve healed.

However, maybe you were already in discussions with another employer, and now you’re thinking about taking a new job. So, can you get a new job while on Indiana work comp? Although it is possible, you may need to discuss your situation with an attorney from Kooi Law, who has the experience necessary to answer questions related to your specific case.

You Could Keep Your Partial Disability Benefits

If you’re in the middle of a job change, you might be able to switch employers without completely losing your benefits. By discussing your situation with your potential employer and your insurance provider, your benefits could carry over, as you’re still working and injured.

For example, let’s say you lost partial use of your hand in an accident before you accepted another job. Your new employer is aware of the accident, and they’re aware that you should be receive temporary partial disability to replace your lost wages. You might be put on light duty until you regain full use of your hand, and you should receive benefits for that injury until you’ve completely improved.

Fortunately, you’ll have a chance to work with your employers and get the benefits you need. Recovery can be difficult, but you deserve coverage for your injuries, even if you’re changing jobs.

A Second Job Can Hurt You

However, seeking a second job to go with your workers comp benefits can land you in serious trouble. As such, discussing your claim with your attorney is crucial.

For example, you might be struggling to make ends meet with your current work comp benefits. Although your employer can’t fire you for using your work comp benefits, your benefits aren’t enough. You need further compensation, and you might be considering a second job. However, that means you’re able to work.

The workers comp insurance provider might see this as fraud. These benefits are there to support those injured at work and unable to return because of their injuries. As such, you may lose your workers comp benefits, at best.

If you’re considering a second job, you might need to speak to an attorney before you start applying, as it could hurt your benefits.

Contact a Lawyer Before Seeking a New Job

A work injury can leave you struggling to care for yourself and your family, and switching jobs or finding a new one makes that even more complex. If you’re not careful, you could be in serious financial trouble, which leads to intense emotional and mental strain.

Although you might be able to switch jobs, you should speak to a lawyer from Kooi Law first. In some cases, you could be able to keep your disability benefits along with the income from your new job. That way, you can start fresh without trouble and without struggling to pay the bills.

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