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Indianapolis On-the-Job Injury Lawyer

When you’re injured at work and unable to bring in a paycheck, life can get expensive. Fortunately, an on-the-job injury attorney in Indianapolis can help when you’re struggling after an accident.

Our work conditions might not always be safe enough. Accidents can happen. Whether it’s a slippery floor, heavy machinery, or a repetitive task, there’s a chance that you could be injured on the job, leaving you unable to work for a period of time.

Dealing with a major injury is already difficult, but when you’re unable to work for the funds you and your family need, seek help from an Indianapolis on-the-job injury lawyer from Kooi Law. Our attorneys can help you through the workers compensation benefits process and work to get you the funds you need for recovery.

Eligibility for Workers Comp

Your first concern might be whether you’re eligible for workers comp benefits. You need funds to cover your medical bills, but you’re not sure whether your employer is is required to carry work comp insurance. Fortunately, most employers are required to provide workers comp benefits, which begins at your first day on the job.

Determining whether you’re covered should be straightforward. Employers are required to post a notice with information about their workers comp insurance for their employees. This notice should be posted in a public area, such as the break room, and include pertinent information, such as who to contact in case of a work accident.

If your employer doesn’t carry insurance or hasn’t notified you about coverage, speak to an attorney, as they could be violating federal laws. You might need to seek compensation for an injury in court, rather than through your employer.

Getting Your Workers Compensation

To obtain your compensation, you’ll need to seek medical care immediately after the accident and inform your employer of your injury as soon as possible. From there, your employer will notify the insurance provider, which will begin an investigation into your accident and determine whether you should receive compensation.

Unfortunately, not every claim will be compensated immediately. Your accident might be disputed, especially if it’s unclear whether the accident happened at work and if that accident caused your injuries. If this happens, schedule a meeting with your employer to informally discuss your accident and provide additional evidence to support your claim.

If you and your employer still can’t agree, you and your work comp attorney may request a hearing with a member of the workers compensation board in Indiana. The board will hear your case, and your attorney will present the necessary evidence for your claim.

Once both sides have presented their evidence, the board will determine how much compensation should be awarded. If you disagree, you and your lawyer can file an appeal. As you can see, this process can be complex, so it’s well-advised to have an experienced work comp attorney by your side.

Talk to an Indianapolis On-the-Job Injury Attorney

Dealing with the aftermath of an on-the-job injury isn’t easy. You’re in pain, you’re unable to work, and your family is struggling financially. It’s a tough spot, but with the right lawyer on your side, you can get the workers comp benefits you need to recover.

Contact our attorneys at Kooi Law to take advantage of our free consultations. We’ll discuss your claim and how we can help before you sign a contract. For more information, reach out to our Indianapolis on-the-job injury lawyer by calling 317-569-1335 or by completing the online form below.

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