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What to Do if Indiana Workers Comp Denied Your Claim

An injury at work can leave you unable to work for days, weeks, or even months after the accident. You’re suffering, and now you can’t earn a living to cover those losses. Workers compensation is available to compensate you for your accident-related damages. But, what if you filed a comp claim and were already denied?

The insurance provider refused to pay, and now you’re struggling knowing what to do if Indiana workers comp denied your claim. First, understand that work comp denials are a common sight. This isn’t necessarily the end of the road for your funds.

You’ll have the opportunity to file an appeal, but you might want to enlist the help of a highly qualified and experienced attorney from Kooi Law. We understand how frustrating the work comp claims process can be, and we will work diligently to get your claim approved and get you back on track toward recovery.

Informal Meetings

In some cases, getting your workers comp approved is a matter of speaking with your employer and their insurer about the reason for your denial. If you can address the issues they had during this meeting, you may be able to avoid a formal appeal and get the help you immediately.

Before your meeting, look over your denial letter for the denial reason listed. Insurance companies must include this, so you’ll have a way to address your denial and have it appealed. For example, you might have been denied because of a lack of evidence showing that your accident happened at work. You’ll need to present evidence that it did, such as eyewitness testimony and video footage of the accident.

Formal Hearings in Indiana

You might not get an agreement from an informal meeting with your employer. You’ll still have a chance, however, to seek compensation for your suffering. If they refuse to help, you’ll need to take your claim to the Indiana Workers Compensation Board.

During this hearing, you’ll need legal representation to present your claim and why you should receive compensation. Your employer will also have a chance to address the denial and try to uphold it. Once both sides have presented their arguments, the board member assigned to you will make a decision.

If your appeal is successful, you should receive a settlement offer and begin seeing your benefits shortly. If your denial is upheld, however, don’t panic. You may have a chance to appeal again if you have further evidence that shows you were injured in a work incident.

Fighting a Denial in Indiana

Despite regulations intended to streamline the workers comp process, a denial can leave you in a tough spot. You’ll need to know what to do if Indiana workers comp denied your claim. A lawyer from Kooi Law can help you appeal.

When you’re suffering after an on-the-job accident, you deserve the funds needed for a full recovery. Reach out to someone who can help you prepare your appeal before a board member. Before you get started, we’ll discuss your claim over a free consultation, so you know exactly how we can help your claim before you sign anything.

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