I was constantly updated on my case and am very happy with my settlement. Lindsey B.
Fights hard for clients and delivers great results. He's one of the best. Adam B.
They not only got me the settlement I needed but the settlement I deserved. David C.

I find it interesting how some look down on personal injury lawyers. “Greedy.” “Ambulance chasers.” “Frivolous lawsuits.” These are some of the terms I’ve heard directed at this group of attorneys. I wonder why this is so? Most “PI” lawyers that I know care about their clients, don’t charge a fee unless they get money for them and take risks to help them. These PI lawyers cooperate with one another, fighting not only for their clients’ cases but also to slow down the creeping, creepy, changes in the laws which can so severely affect the injured (Ever hear about “caps” in medical malpractice cases? If a patient is injured by the negligence of a doctor in the operating room, there is a limit on what the patient can recover, no matter how badly she’s injured.).

Consider this in light of those lawyers who oppose the injured people. How much do they really care about those corporations and insurance companies they represent? These attorneys charge by the hour. What kinds of risks do they take for their clients? I think that, often, they don’t even know their clients. Who are they? Members of the Board of Directors? The stockholders? Often nameless, faceless beings? We need these type of lawyers, but can we stop the blaming of the PI lawyers?

Have the corporate or insurance lawyers ever visited their clients at home? Have they cried with them? Have they ever suggested prayer as a form of encouragement to them? I don’t know. I’ve never been one of those lawyers.

What I do know is that helping injured people to push through the hard times is a part of what PI lawyers do. As a result of them putting all their efforts into helping people they care about, not only do the clients benefit, so do their families. And friends. And their lawyers. Society is better for it too.

That’s why I enjoy my job so much. There’s much more than just going through the motions. I’m a PI lawyer. I have learned that living is more than just not dying.

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