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Dog bites are an unfortunate reality for our pet-loving community and victims are often unsure about pursuing the relief for any resulting medical expenses. Even more difficult is the fact that many dog bites happen to victims when they are on the property of a neighbor or friend and pursuing an aggressive injury suit doesn’t often feel appropriate.

The truth is, in Indiana, that insurance companies anticipate that unexpected accidents– like dog bites– can happen on their policyholder’s properties. Because of this, some kind of “personal liability coverage” is usually included in homeowner insurance and can potentially cover the medical expenses of any welcome visitor to the property who is hurt by a pet. Similarly, renter’s insurance and condo insurance usually have similar declarations that cover property renters who have pets.

Are insurance companies always willing to honor these kinds of claims? Not always, which is why legal counsel is sometimes necessary. At Kooi, we understand the sensitive circumstances of many dog bite scenarios and are well-accustomed to compelling insurance companies to honor their policies so that victims and their neighbors can put their incident behind them as amicably and swiftly as possible.

Negligence & the “One Bite Rule”

In some cases, a dog bite incident can involve negligence by an owner. Indiana dog owners are expected to keep their animals under control—even if they are unaware of any of the dog’s violent tendencies. If they do know that the dog has bitten at least one person in the past and still does not take proper care (leash laws, etc.), owners can be held as negligent. This is typically called the “one bite rule,” but it is not necessarily the only condition for dog bite victims to file a legitimate claim.

No matter what the circumstances of your dog bite injury, our firm can help. Our dedicated Indiana personal injury attorneysat Kooi have helped hundreds of injury victims and can help you assess your legal options following one of these injuries.

It can be possible to recover the relief you deserve. Contact us today to request a free case evaluation.

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