University of Notre Dame Fined for Unsafe Working Conditions

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University of Notre Dame Fined for Unsafe Working Conditions

Posted By Crossen Kooi || 15-Mar-2011

Indiana is taking action in the Death of a University of Notre Dame student. The Indiana Department of Labor’s Commissioner said the South Bend school did not have safe working conditions when 20-year old Declan Sullivan died while filming football practice back in October. Unsafe working conditions can lead to Work Comp injuries and even death.

Thus, the state of Indiana is fining Notre Dame $77,500 for several violations. As reported by in the article, “Report: University of Notre Dame at Fault in Fatal Lift Accident,” those errors include not properly training Sullivan who was a junior film student from Illinois and not inspecting the hydraulic lift on a regular basis. Sullivan was killed after the lift he was on fell in very windy conditions.

It is not clear if Sullivan’s family is seeking a lawsuit against Notre Dame. But Indiana’s ruling that Notre Dame was at fault could have big implications if there is a lawsuit.

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