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Westfield Workers Comp Lawyer

One minute, you’re doing your job; the next, you’re badly injured. When a work accident happens, you should receive all the benefits you need to recover, and a workers comp lawyer can help.

When we head into the office every day, we rarely give a thought to an accident happening. We expect our employers to protect our safety, but they might not be able to stop every accident. Unfortunately, that can leaves you in a difficult position.

You’re struggling with your injuries, and now that you’re unable to work, you and your family also have to deal with a loss of income. Regain some peace of mind when you opt to work with a Westfield workers comp lawyer.

At Kooi Law, we want you to get the full benefits you deserve from your claim. If you’re just starting the work comp process, or you’ve already been denied, reach out today.

Benefits Offered in Indiana

When you’re injured on the job, you should receive some benefits through your employer to help you recover. Most Indiana employers are required to provide workers compensation insurance for their employers, so if you’re not exempt, you should file for your benefits. What all does workers comp benefits cover?

First, you shouldn’t have to worry about any medical expenses related to your accident. When you’re injured at work, you’ll need to seek medical care right away, and when you do, those bills are the insurer’s responsibility.

You should also receive some compensation to replace your original wages, which will depend on how long you’ll be unable to work and whether you can return to work in any capacity. For example, short-term disability benefits will end after a set amount of weeks, whereas long-term disability will continue until you’re able to return.

If you’re able to return to work for light duty, you could receive a paycheck while also receiving benefits for a portion of the difference between your wages and your disability amount. If you’re not sure what you should receive, speak to your attorney about your options for compensation.

The Workers Compensation Process

When you’re injured, you’ll need to report the incident to your employer within 30 days. Your employer will then notify the insurance company, which will investigate your claim.

In many cases, you’ll receive an approval letter, and you’ll begin receiving your workers comp shortly thereafter. Otherwise, you might receive a denial letter, which is disheartening, but it’s important to know that this isn’t the end of the road for you.

The insurer is required to list the reason for your denial. That reason gives you the information you need to appeal the denial with the help of your workers comp lawyer in Westfield.

How a Westfield Workers Comp Attorney Can Help

When you’re injured at work and struggling to recover, you’re under an extraordinary amount of stress. You’ll need help recovering and securing the maximum workers comp benefits you deserve, especially if you’ve already been denied.

Fortunately, you’ll have the opportunity to appeal, but make sure you enlist the help of a Westfield workers comp lawyer from Kooi Law. You’re struggling with a serious injury, so let us help you get the compensation you’re owed, starting with a free consultation.

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