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Public transit is a great way to get around most cities without worrying about traffic or parking. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that you’re exempt from an accident. Buses crash as well, and these wrecks can be devastating.

Who’s liable for your injuries in a bus accident? That will depend on the details of your accident, and often, that can be confusing. You’ll need help with your bus crash, but that can be overwhelming without help. Because it’s so difficult to determine liability, you’ll need an injury attorney on your side.

Reach out if you’re struggling to find the person responsible for your pain. A bus crash is complex, so get help when you’re injured.  

Employer Liability in Your Bus Wreck

First, bus accidents aren’t like your typical car accident, where a driver is usually responsible for your damages. Instead, it’s important to remember that a bus driver is at work. Because they’re on the clock, they may not be financially responsible for the accident.

Instead, their employer might be the ones responsible for the expenses. Because the driver is at work, they’re the responsibility of their employer. Unfortunately, this can make finding the at-fault party more difficult, since the employer likely wasn’t at the scene of the accident. Fortunately, a lawyer can help you find the right person to file your claim against after a bus crash.

Indirect Causes of a Bus Accident

It’s important to remember that not every accident is a driver’s fault. In many cases, the bus accident may have been obviously caused by a careless or distracted driver or the bus driver themselves. But what can you do when it seems that something else caused the driver to lose control and crash?

Often, the fault lies with a defect in the road. While buses aren’t as vulnerable to potholes as some vehicles (like motorcycles, for example), one can damage a tire or other part badly enough to send the bus off the road. In other cases, a defect in the road’s design might have left standing water, causing the bus to hydroplane.

These accidents are usually the responsibility of the Department of Transportation, so you’ll need to file your claim against them. They have a duty to maintain the roads and keep them safe. Remember, though, that suing a government agency isn’t easy. You’ll need to file quickly and get an attorney on your side.

If those weren’t the cause, your Indianapolis lawyer may investigate the vehicle itself for faulty parts. For example, if the bus’ brakes went out, the driver may have been unable to stop the bus. In this case, you may need to sue the manufacturer, who’s responsible for ensuring the safety of all their bus parts.

Get Help with Your Bus Crash Injuries

Unfortunately, taking the first step toward your compensation for a bus crash isn’t easy. You need to find the person responsible for your suffering, but that’s not always easy to do. You might find yourself struggling to act and get the compensation you deserve.

Fortunately, our lawyers from Kooi Law can help. We understand how confusing your bus accident may be, and we’re here to help. Reach out for a free consultation, and we’ll discuss who might be at fault and how much compensation you may receive from them.

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