Winter Activity Safety Tips

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Winter Activity Safety Tips

Posted By Crossen Kooi || 26-Jan-2015

This can be a really fun time of year for the little people in our life…sledding, ice skating, hockey, skiing. Many adults even love being out in the cold and enjoying winter activities. At Crossen Kooi, we encourage everyone to be extra safe in below freezing temperatures. Don’t be the “tough guy” and pretend like you don’t need to bother with the extra layers. Our bodies need to stay warm in order to function properly.

Here is a list of precautions you can take while enjoying winter activities:

  • Wear a hat! Your mom was right – you lose A LOT of heat from your head and neck.
  • Dress in layers. Many companies have developed clothing that keeps you extra warm without adding the bulk of too many layers.
  • Wear sunscreen. Even though it’s cold, the sun reflects off of the white snow and back onto your face.
  • If sledding, make sure your sled is in good condition and can be steered. Make sure to also pick a safe location – one where you cannot run into anything at the bottom of the hill.
  • If ice skating, make sure you are skating on ice approved for skating. Never attempt to skate on ice that hasn’t been marked and approved for skating.
  • If you’re playing hockey, make sure you have all of the proper equipment for the game.

Get outside! Enjoy the winter activities! “Like” our Facebook page and share some of your favorite spots for winter activities. And as always, call us if you need us. (888) 366-4215.

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