American Heart Month

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American Heart Month

Posted By Crossen Kooi || 12-Feb-2015

February is American Heart Month, when heart disease awareness is called to our attention. Heart disease is reportedly the leading cause of death in the country. About 25 percent of deaths nationally are reportedly attributable to heart disease. This alarming statistics are sadly unnecessary, as heart disease is a preventable ailment that need not end in fatality.

The first step in fighting heart disease is awareness. An aspirin regimen is a simple and non-intrusive countermeasure but only under a physician’s direction.

Checking your blood pressure and maintaining it is another easy way to stay healthy. About 33 percent of Americans suffer from high blood pressure.

High cholesterol is a significant contributor to heart disease. Managing high cholesterol is important to preventing heart disease. About one-third of Americans struggle with high cholesterol. A low-sodium diet rich in fruits and vegetables is recommended.

Some demographic groups, such as blacks and smokers, face greater challenges than other when it comes to the risk of heart disease. If you smoke, stop — if you don’t, then don’t start.

Finally, the most efficient and fruitful way to prevent heart disease is 30 minutes of daily exercise. So stay active.

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