Wheelchair Access Assistant

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Wheelchair Access Assistant

Posted By Crossen Kooi || 26-Feb-2015

If you’ve ever had an injury that left you in a wheelchair for a period of time, you know how difficult it can be on you or your caretaker to get in and out of the wheelchair. Basic wheelchairs are simply meant to assist in getting someone from one place to another when injured. A mechanical engineering team from Purdue University has developed the Wheelchair Access Assistant. The Wheelchair Access Assistant can be easily installed into your existing wheelchair and has a seat lift and a walker. Click here for a demonstration on how it works! The production team is hopeful the Wheelchair Access Assistant will be developed and manufactured in the near future.

Often times our clients are victims of injury either due to another person’s negligence or due to a work injury. The injury often leaves them incapacitated for a period of time or even possibly for a lifetime. At Crossen Kooi, we support advances in medical technology to support our clients in living a better, more comfortable life following an injury.

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