Back Injury on the Job?

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Back Injury on the Job?

Posted By Trevor Crossen || 7-Oct-2014

Lower back pain is as common among those who do not regularly lift heavy objects as those who do. Lower back pain and resulting injuries may be caused by the shoes you wear, the way you sit, or even a bodily dysfunction.

These pre-existing conditions are often aggravating factors that, in conjunction with poor technique, result in chronically detrimental lower back pain. Such injuries most commonly occur when lifting objects off the ground. However, lower back injuries are also occurring with increasing frequency when exercising. Whether these injuries are a result of lifting an object at work or working out at the gym, consequent lower back inflammation leads to chronic pain.

Lower back injuries may be divided into three categories. Herniation is the bulging of discs in the lower lumbar region. The most common manifestation of this condition is radiating pain in the sciatica. Incapacitation and long-term disability could occur if herniation remains untreated or through further aggravation.

Sacroiliac joint rotation is another category of lower back injury that is difficult to avoid. A sacroiliac joint slip occurs most often when poor technique results in one side of muscles failing just before the other. As ambidexterity is rather uncommon, almost everyone is susceptible to this category of lower back injury.

Strains are the third category of lower back injury. They usually occur in the iliocostalis, longissimus, and spinalis spinal electors when lifting. Yet strains also commonly occur in the quadratus lumborum and other muscles. Strained or pulled muscle lower back pains are located below the ribs and above the sacroiliac joint. Doctors usually prescribe pain medication for such injuries.

Lower back injuries may cause debilitating pain and lead to insidious neurological conditions including critical sensory and motor deficits.

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