Be Aware Crews Repairing Roads

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Be Aware Crews Repairing Roads

Posted By Crossen Kooi || 15-Jan-2014

At Crossen Kooi Law, we are always “driving” home the importance of eliminating distractions while behind the wheel. It is especially important at this time of year as crews are on the road repairing those nasty potholes left behind from the blizzard-like snowfall and sub-zero temperatures. Just this week, a driver who police said was not paying attention hit a crew with her van in Porter County, Indiana. Fortunately, these crews travel with a device known as an “impact attenuator” (crash cushion) and no one was injured.

This story could have had a very different ending. In the legal world, not only would an injured member of this road crew had a worker’s compensation claim as a result of being injured on the job, but he very likely would have a personal injury claim against the insurance company of the driver who plowed into them. These types of cases require the skilled knowledge of not only a worker’s compensation attorney, but an attorney who has experience with third-party claims. Call our firm if you have questions regarding a third-party claim. We can help.

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