Illinois to Indiana Migration on the Rise

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Illinois to Indiana Migration on the Rise

Posted By Crossen Kooi || 4-Apr-2017

In 2015, a total of 34,221 Illinois residents reportedly relocated to Indiana. The number of people leaving Illinois to Indiana is astounding – Illinois is losing residents to Indiana more than to any other neighboring state. In fact, more than 50 people move to Indiana from Illinois each day. Each year, as many people as live in an entire county in Illinois move to Indiana.

While the reasons for this great migration vary, taxation, employment, and affordability are the three most-cited reasons by those who chose to move to Indiana. Taxation is reportedly the foremost reason for leaving Illinois, as property taxes in Illinois are some of the most punitive in the country. Indiana’s property taxes are more than two times lower as in Illinois and overall taxation is reportedly more than 20 percent higher in Illinois than in Indiana. Increased taxation is reportedly being legislated on income in Illinois. The proposed increase will be about 33 percent.

Meanwhile, back in Indiana, jobs abound as the state government pursues economic growth policies that attract job creators. Businesses are relocating to Indiana because of its pro-business laws. Of course, this means many Illinois residents are following those jobs.

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