Indiana May Reconsider Statewide Smoking Ban

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Indiana May Reconsider Statewide Smoking Ban

Posted By Crossen Kooi || 10-Jan-2009

The last time a smoking-ban bill was introduced in Indiana, the measure did not even make it out of a legislative committee.

This may be in part due to Indiana’s number 6 rating as the highest adult smoking state in the country. Thirty states across the country have now enacted a version of smoke-free provisions. Despite Indiana’s holdout, supporters of a smoking ban believe the current economic and social environment may make the issue ripe for passage of a bill.

Currently, several cities throughout the State have enacted their own varying smoking bans. But critics say that prohibiting smoking in private enterprises infringes on individual rights. Numerous hospitality sectors of the economy are anticipated to put up a big fight, including the casino, bar and restaurant industries.


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